Top 10 Best DNA Testing For Ancestry 2018

DNA Testing For AncestryDNA testing for ancestry has gained much popularity in the recent few years, mostly because of the convenience of performing the test at home and also because it is easily affordable. With the increasing availability of DNA test kit options in today’s market, it is important to list out the best DNA testing for ancestry kits that offer accurate results by conducting proper DNA analysis in advanced DNA testing laboratory setups. So, here are the top 10 kits for DNA testing that will help individuals learn about their ancestors or maybe even get in touch with long-lost blood relatives.

What Is A Home DNA Test Kit?

The commercial DNA test kits give individuals the option of performing the test without leaving their homes. Most of these home DNA test kits work in a similar fashion:

The individual interested to purchase the test kit needs to answer certain questions about himself/herself

Then they are allowed to place an order for the kit

Next, the individual needs to collect the sample, either through a swab or scraper or by collecting their spit

After this the individual needs to register their kit with the service provider and then ship the kit back to the service provider for DNA analysis

Finally, the results are emailed to the individual within 3-8 weeks time period

The DNA testing laboratory used by each of these top 10 DNA testing service providers offer the most accurate results for determining the ancestry of an individual.

  1. Family Tree DNA:

Individuals can place order for more than one DNA testing kit through reasonably-priced packages. Test results are updated constantly without any extra charge.

  1. Ancestry DNA:

Ancestry DNA checks as many as 700,000 genetic markers at the time of DNA analysis, and is credited with more than 3 million users, making it one of the most used databases globally.

  1. My Heritage DNA:

My Heritage DNA links an individual’s DNA results directly to their family tree online as it has an exceptional online genealogical community, covering as many as 42 different ethnic groups.

  1. 23 and Me:

23 and Me checks as many as 500,000 genetic markers for testing ancestry of an individual and the database of the company includes 2 million collected samples, which contributes to the accuracy of the results.

  1. GPS Origins:

The high-end processing facilities come with several accreditations and uses 36 world regions, 800,000 SNPs and 862 reference populations for testing the ancestry of an individual.

  1. Living DNA:

Living DNA works in a more detailed manner by breaking down the world into almost 80 regions, narrowing down the search so that the results can be more precise and detailed.

  1. National Geographic Geno 2.0:

This non-profit scientific undertaking offers affordable DNA testing and analyzes human DNA patterns based on the changes that have taken place through history on a global scale.

  1. DNA Fingerprint Plus (DNA Consultants):

Individuals eager to find out their family history can make the most of this service as it provides user-specific and more detailed results.

  1. Vitagene:

Fitness enthusiasts can make the most of this DNA testing kit as it not only provides results on ancestry, but also focuses on health-related concerns in the report.

  1. Rare Genes From History (DNA Consultants):

Those who seek to find out about their ancestry on a deeper level can use this service as it searches for DNA ancestry on a deeper level.

Based on one’s requirements and budget, one can opt for any of these top 10 best DNA testing for ancestry kits to get the precise results.


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